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Winter is an overlooked time for most people when it comes to detailing their car. With uncomfortable temperatures keeping everyone inside, no one looks forward to the weekend-washing of their prized possession. Keeping your car’s paint protected in the winter, however, is just as important as during the summer. It’s not the sun’s UV rays that cause as much concern anymore, but rather the salt and contaminated rain water from roads, also known as traffic film. 

Many people choose to apply a sealant to their car during this time of the year because it will last much longer than a traditional carnauba wax. This is a good choice for paint protection because it reduces the number of times you have to wax your car in these cold temperatures. Some people even choose to top their sealant with a carnauba wax for some layered protection and a little gloss. 

Metro Detroit Auto Detailing Two Seat .png


Metro Detroit Auto Detailing Mid Size.png


Netro Detroit Auto Detailing Suv.png


Metro Detroit Auto Detailing Large Suv.png


The time required depends on the size, complexity, and condition of the vehicle.
Hand Wash & Decontamination the Paint
Bug and Tar Removal
Nano Mitt (Advanced Clay Bar Surface)
Apply High-Quality Paint Sealant
Wipe Trunk and Door Jambs
Clean Wheels and Dress Tires
Clean Windows and Mirrors Inside and Out
Dress Outside Plastics and Rubber
Metro Detroit Detail Ceramic Coating.jpeg
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