Magnificent Detail

Looking Stunning.

Exterior Detail

– Hand wash of all exterior surfaces including: door jambs, hinges, weather-stripping, underside, wheel wells, exhaust tips,
  wheels and tires

– Presoak and pressure wash all floor mats to thoroughly flush

– Remove surface contaminants from exterior with a clay bar & lubricating spray

– Dry exterior with soft towels and compressed air

– Remove tar and other road contaminants from lower body sections by hand with appropriate solvent

– Remove each wheel, clean and decontaminate to remove tar buildup and brake dust from barrels and faces

– Apply a Seal Coating to each wheel and reinstall making sure to re-torque each lug nut to the proper specifications for your vehicle

– Intensive compounding and polishing on each panel to remove or minimize scratches and scuffs from paint

– Dual Action/Orbital Polishing on all painted surfaces with foam pad and fine polish

– Minimally touch up paint chips and small scratches with matching paint

– Inspect exterior using soft cloth to remove any remaining polish or smudges

– Apply application of a 2-Year Coating for durability and enhanced gloss

Interior Detail

– Remove contents of all interior compartments to clean: console, glove box, door pockets, trunk, cargo area, etc.

– Using specialized air hose, high suction and industrial vacuum, purge all carpeting and cloth seats of sand, dirt and debris

– Clean dashboard, steering wheel, vents, door panels, switches, knobs and all interior trim with cleaner and steam, soft bristled brush, damp microfiber towels and compressed air

– Clean all leather seats with protective cleaner  with interior Vinyl Brush

– Presoak, scrub, shampoo and extraction performed on all carpeting and cloth seats

– Clean all windows, gauges, interior trim items and chrome

– Inspection of all interior components with soft cloth

– Dry interior with turbo fan dryers

– Generous application of hydrophobic fabric protectant to all carpet and cloth seats

– Application of leather conditioner to all leather/vinyl seats

10-14 hours of focused, professional cleaning and detailing by a qualified Detail Technician using specific tools, exclusive procedures and the expertise to make your vehicle look and feel magnificent again. 


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