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Exterior Detailing

Drive with pride

*Appointment Cancellation 

A booking fee is applied when you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other clients. This booking fee is NONREFUNDABLE.

** Price may vary depending on condition and/or size of each vehicle.

Exterior Detail - Single Light Stage Correction

Hand wash of all exterior surfaces including: door jambs, hinges, weather-stripping, underside, wheel wells, exhaust tips, wheels and tires

– Presoak and pressure wash front 2 floor mats

– Remove surface contaminants from all exterior surfaces with a clay bar and lubricating spray

– Dry exterior with soft towels and compressed air

– Remove tar and other road contaminants from lower body sections by hand with appropriate solvent

– Dual Action/Orbital Polishing on all painted surfaces with foam pad and fine polish

   Extra cost for removing heavy to bad scratches. 

– Orbital application of wax/paint sealant for durability and enhanced gloss

– Minimally touch up paint chips and small scratches with matching paint(Customer Supply Touch-Paint)

– Inspect exterior using soft cloth  to remove any remaining polish or wax residue

– Clean windows inside and out

*Wet sanding and more extensive polishing will result in an additional fee*