Ceramic Coatings

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About Ceramic Coatings

Before I began discussing the potential value of Ceramic Coatings, I believe it is necessary to first address what they are not.  Ceramic Coatings are not a magic pill.  It may not be for everyone.  It will not protect your car against rock chips.  This form of protection does not last forever.  Coatings do not make your car scratch proof, although self healing coatings can repair itself against very light defects.  Ceramic Coatings do last longer and provide a significantly stronger defense against the environment than waxes and sealants.  There is some scratch resistance and some self-cleaning abilities with ceramic coatings, making vehicles easier to wash and maintain.  But you will still need to wash your car with care.


There are 3 key benefits to having a coating on a vehicle versus having a wax or a sealant.


· Coatings provide long-term durability. 

· Coatings provide more increased ability to protect against UV and chemical damage.

· Coatings provide stronger dirt and contamination repellency.


The value of a coating is in the ease of maintenance it provides.

The recent change in the  revolution of detailing industry has invoked the creation of permanent and semi-permanent coatings has changed the way people protect their vehicle’s exterior surfaces. These products form a strong and durable layer of protection on many of your vehicle's exterior surfaces. The depth, gloss, and protection that can be achieved with these products are truly astounding.


Metro Detroit Auto Detailing is proud to be one of the detailing companies across the country professional enough to be an Installer of the finest coating products on the market today ensuring that the perfect barrier of protection is achieved every time.


Metro Detroit Auto Detailing offer a variety of protective coating products, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you. If you are not sure about which one would work best for your individual needs, please contact us and we will explain the differences to you.  This new ceramic and nano-glass technology is applied to your vehicle’s paint surface (after the paint has been properly polished & prepped) to allow for a longer period of protection of your vehicle’s surfaces! Having the same effect of a wax, these coatings keep the beading on your car going strong for years instead of months! But the main purpose, and what we are most excited about, is to allow your vehicle’s paint to be washed easier, not needing as much friction (meaning the dirt & impurities just slide off with a minimal amount of “scrubbing” needed) and allow for easier maintenance! Each Vehicle that will be receiving a coating application MUST be properly primed. In order to do so, each vehicle we apply a coating to must receive our Exterior Detail package. This will allow for a more even application & more durability of the coating. Pricing on this page will include a standard amount of paint preparation as well as the application of the coating of your choice. This service comes with Wash & Clay Bar | 1 Step Paint Correction | Addition Paint Correction is a Extra Charge.